When to stop reading and start reading, the NBA’s ‘Basketball Insiders’

June 17, 2021 0 Comments

When the NBA announced its schedule, fans knew what to expect.

The schedule would feature some of the league’s biggest games, including the Lakers-Warriors series, the Knicks-Pelicans and the Pacers-Hawks series.

But the schedule was still a bit of a mess, and some fans were wondering if it was the same as the previous two seasons.

The answer, according to NBA executive vice president of scheduling John Lucas, is no.

The schedule was created in conjunction with the NBA Players Association, which created the schedule in 2012 after years of complaints from players.

The players’ union, along with NBA owners and commissioner Adam Silver, wanted to eliminate the league from the playoff and schedule discussion entirely.

Lucas, the league executive vice-president of scheduling, explained in an interview with The Associated Press that the schedule is simply a reflection of the way the league is set up.

While many fans would likely prefer the league schedule remain as it is, Lucas told the AP that he is open to the players’ suggestion.

He explained that if the schedule did not allow for the playoffs, there were other ways to do it.

“If we were going to get rid of the playoffs and get into the playoffs through the first round, I would certainly not say no to the proposal,” Lucas said.

“But we’re not there.

We have to go forward.”

The schedule will include the Lakers at Indiana, Celtics at Brooklyn, Heat at New Orleans and Pelicans at Dallas.

The Nets and Bulls are not part of the schedule.

The Pacers, Bulls and Mavericks are the only teams not on the schedule for the first three weeks of the season.

The Celtics and Lakers are in the second half of the slate.NBA schedule: First-round matchupsThe NBA has added some interesting matchups to the schedule, which could lead to some interesting basketball decisions this season.

The Nets are the first team to face the Pacers in the first-round of the postseason, and it’s a rematch of the 2011 Eastern Conference finals in which Indiana won in six games.

The NBA Finals series will be played in Miami, with the Heat and Pacers playing each other on April 6.

Indiana will play the Clippers at Staples Center, the third time in four years that the Clippers have played at home.

The teams have played only three times since 2002, and only once in the postseason.

The Clippers’ trip to Brooklyn will be their fifth visit to the borough since their return from an eight-year absence.

The first time was in 2005 when they played the Nets.

The Clippers have been in Brooklyn five times in the last seven years, and they are 1-6 at home this season against the Nets’ last three opponents.

The Spurs are the last team in the Western Conference not to face a team in either the first or second round of the NBA playoffs.

San Antonio is 0-3 against the Knicks, who are the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

They have a 2-1 record against the Raptors in the playoffs.

The Heat will play at Oklahoma City in the final regular-season game of the regular season, and the Spurs will play Cleveland in the NBA Finals.

The Warriors will play in Oklahoma City to close out the regular-game series against the Thunder.

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