Why Kia’s new ‘Ultra Hybrid’ EV is not a hybrid at all

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

Kia has announced the launch of the Kia Ultra Hybrid EV, a range of electric vehicles that can be used both for driving and for shopping.

The company says the hybrid vehicle can also be used to drive trains and to haul cargo.

“With the Ultra Hybrid, Kia aims to be at the forefront of sustainable mobility,” the company said in a press release.

The launch comes as Australia prepares to enter a new economic cycle, with an expected growth in freight and passenger traffic.

The government has recently announced the opening of the Northern Territory’s first national train station, the Port of Darwin, and has promised a new rail network for the Territory.

In addition, Kias future electrification strategy includes a target of 20 per cent of the Australian car fleet to be electrified by 2025.

The release says the vehicle’s range is between 30 kilometres and 70 kilometres and it can travel for about 30 kilometres between charging stations.

“This means the UltraHybrid can also travel between Sydney and Melbourne in under two hours,” the statement says.

The vehicle has been named after the Kias Ultra Hybrid Concept vehicle, a concept concept car that was launched in 2014 and which Kia claims will be the world’s first fully electric vehicle by 2020.

Kia unveiled the Ultrahybrid EV in Melbourne, Australia, on February 16, 2018.

The UltraHyber is described as “the most advanced electrified vehicle on the market”.

The company is using the same technology as the Kies and is looking to build a battery plant to be able to store a lithium-ion battery for up to 60 years.

The Kia press release also states that the UltraHierarchy EV is “the first fully electrified car on the planet that is also completely electric” and is the “world’s first completely electric supercar”.

The UltraHiestacy EV will have a range between 60 kilometres and 140 kilometres.

The first UltraHybrids will be released in 2021, and the company has said the UltraHD Hybrid EV is currently being tested in Australia.

The UH Hybrid is described by Kia as “an all-electric vehicle that can take you anywhere”.

The Kias announcement comes as the government is set to unveil a new target of zero emissions by 2025, and also in response to the Australian public’s desire for a car that is “100 per cent green”.

Kia, meanwhile, says the new UltraHyhybrid is designed to be an “everyday” car.

The new Ultrahybrids will have “no emissions”, and will “save you money on gas and electricity”.

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