Optimising Kia Optima – The Best and Brightest Smartphone in the World

New Scientist article New Zealand’s biggest selling smartphone, the Kia optimas, have had a major overhaul with a brand new design.

New Zealand Post says the Kias newest smartphone, which was launched last month, has been named after Kia’s chief executive, James Kunicki, a Kiwi legend.

“We’re extremely proud to announce that we have a new Kia,” Mr Kunicky said on a press release.

The new phone is based on a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 16-megapixel rear camera.

New York Times columnist and journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin praised the phone for its “beautiful” design.

The Kia is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

It is available for $649, but Mr Kunicks new phone has a price tag of $1,099.

“This phone will be the most beautiful thing we’ve ever made,” Mr Ross Sorkshini said.

Kia launched its Kia Optimas in Australia last week.

“Its a very nice, clean design and it’s very stylish,” Mr Keon told Newstalk ZB on Wednesday.

“And the battery life is really great.”

Mr Kunikis new phone features a new look, with a “modern” look and “smart” design, the paper reports.

Mr Sorki said the new phone was the company’s most beautiful smartphone. “

But there are also new features that you can buy now that you couldn’t have before.”

Mr Sorki said the new phone was the company’s most beautiful smartphone.

“Theyre a very special phone,” Mr Sorksi said.

“The only way you can tell them apart is the front of the phone.”

Mr Ross said the Kiosse has also been “designed to be a smart phone”. “

Their design is incredibly stylish, theyve got a beautiful design and they have this really high quality camera.”

Mr Ross said the Kiosse has also been “designed to be a smart phone”.

“They’ve got a really sleek look and they are also the only smartphone in New Zealand that has a dedicated camera,” Mr Schon said.

The phone’s design was revealed to the media ahead of a launch event on Wednesday in Auckland.

“It has a beautiful new look and it also has a new design, a modern design and a powerful camera,” Kia said in a statement.

“Our designers, who worked with the likes of Samsung and Nokia, have done a phenomenal job.”

The Kiosses new design includes a new fingerprint scanner, a new speaker, a more modern design, and a larger screen.

“A lot of people don’t realise what a great design the Kiacos have,” Mr Koonen said.

A Kia spokesperson told New Zealand Today it was “proud” of the design and said “the KiaOptima will continue to be sold in Newzealand”.

Kia has launched several other smartphones in recent years including the Kiei K6, Kieis flagship, and the K4.

Kies latest smartphone, called the Kio, was launched in April last year.

The company’s first smartphone was released in 2009 and it is also one of the most successful smartphone companies in the world, with sales topping 10 million smartphones in the past two years.

Kioses smartphone has been criticised for its design and price, particularly in New Zealand.

“That phone cost a little over $1 million, and yet it’s a pretty good smartphone,” Mr Munro told New Zee News.

Kios has been widely criticised by consumers for the design, price and overall design. “

If you can just afford to spend $1m and get that phone you can get a much better product.”

Kios has been widely criticised by consumers for the design, price and overall design.

A report from Consumer Reports found that the KIO was “a poor choice” for most consumers.

It found that its phone could not perform “closely” with other smartphones, and had a “low user satisfaction rating”.

Kios was also criticised for a lack of storage.

It has been reported that the phone had only two internal storage capacities, a total of 256GB, and that the internal storage was very small.

The report also said that the battery lasted about three to four hours.

The device has also faced criticism for its poor user experience.

“I’ve seen too many complaints about the Kies lack of battery life, the inability to connect to Wi-Fi, the slow pace of the device, and its overall sluggishness,” consumer research analyst and author Peter Moore told The Australian Financial Review.

Mr Moore said the company had also been criticised by some of its competitors for being too expensive. “Kia has

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