Why You Should Optimal Physiotherapy For Your Heart Disease: Learn Optimized Physical Therapy

A new study finds that optimally physical therapy for heart disease can significantly reduce the risk of death.

The study was led by the Mayo Clinic and published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Optimally physical therapists have been shown to reduce the mortality rate in patients with heart disease by an average of 26% per year.

The researchers found that people who were in optimal physical therapy were 27% less likely to die from heart disease.

This is important news, said Dr. J. Michael Hodge, professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Mayo University School of Medicine.

“Optimized physical therapy is important to reduce deaths because it is a relatively safe and effective way to improve cardiac function and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease,” Hodge said.

Optimal physical therapists are able to use a variety of physical interventions to improve heart health, such as a cardiovascular rehabilitation program, physical therapy and exercise.

The Mayo Clinic is the largest medical center in the U.S. and is considered one of the best health centers in the world for heart care.

It has a network of 12,500 doctors and 1,200 nurses.

The findings are especially important in the United States, where people tend to use more expensive therapies and doctors.

Dr. David Schoenfeld, president of the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, said optimal physical therapists often do not see patients until after a heart attack.

“People often go in with a diagnosis of heart disease and go through all the symptoms and then get sent off to a hospital,” he said.

“When people have a heart condition that is very difficult to manage, we have to be very careful about where we put them.”

Hodge said it is important for people to understand that the risk for death associated with a heart disease diagnosis is not related to the quality of care provided.

“It’s not just that you have a very good heart, but you also have the ability to have a really high quality of life,” he added.

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