How to reduce your chances of getting sick from influenza and other viruses

How do you keep yourself healthy when you have influenza, the flu, and other viral infections?

Here are some tips for you to help make the most of the pandemic.


Make sure you have enough fluids for the flu.

Flu season typically lasts from October through March.

The flu is a very contagious and severe disease, so keep an eye on your temperature, saliva, and body temperature.

If you have the flu and have symptoms, you should check in with your doctor or other health care provider.

If your temperature is normal or higher, you may have an infection and need to be treated.

Keep in mind that you should avoid drinking or using the bathroom for the first 24 hours.


Use an antiviral medication.

There are antiviral medications available that are usually prescribed to treat viruses.

These include the fluoroquinolones (FQNP), imipenem (IPV-7), and ritonavir (Paxil).

You may also want to consider an oral antiviral such as Sovaldi, which is the second most widely used influenza antiviral and is often prescribed for adults.

If symptoms of flu symptoms occur, you might need to consider a flu shot.


Get vaccinated.

It is a good idea to get vaccinated.

Vaccines can help protect you from other viruses, including influenza.

The CDC recommends getting the flu shot once or twice a year, at least every two years.

It can also help prevent getting infected with other viruses.


Take some precautions to help keep your body from going into shock.

Some people get more than one flu virus, but they may not have symptoms until symptoms of the flu have developed.

You should wear a mask while you are outside, use a face mask, and wear a protective clothing when outdoors.

Some types of breathing devices can help prevent influenza-like symptoms.


Know the symptoms of a virus infection and take precautions.

The first thing to know about a virus is its symptoms.

Then, you will need to know how it is transmitted.

If it is mild, you can rest easy.

But if you are feeling sick, you need to stay home and take steps to get the flu vaccine and get tested for flu.


Get more vaccinated.

There is currently no vaccine for the pandoravirus.

However, the CDC has said that vaccines will be available for use in the next few weeks.

It will also be available to those with prior flu vaccine coverage.

There will also likely be a few flu vaccines available for purchase.


Get medical care.

There can be several complications from the flu including: pneumonia (which can be fatal), sepsis (which kills you), and encephalitis (a brain infection that can cause a slow death).


Take steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some steps can prevent getting sick: keep a safe distance from others and close doors and windows, wear masks, avoid eating raw or undercooked food, wash hands frequently, and limit outdoor activities.

You can also keep your family members away from each other, take precautions against sharing household items, and use other measures to reduce the spread.


Get tested for the virus and get vaccinated if you have it.

There have been reports that some flu vaccines are not working well in some people.

If the vaccine does not work, call your doctor and ask for the vaccine.

Some flu vaccines do not work in certain people, and some people will need extra protection, such as getting vaccinated before their child is born or at least before age 18.

Get your flu vaccine as soon as possible, but don’t delay getting it if you do not want to get sick.

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