When you want to see what it’s like to be a kiaOptima reader, take a drive through a new paradise

Posted September 29, 2018 12:33:25 The first thing you’ll notice when you step out onto the world’s first and only paved street paved by kia Optima is the absence of a traffic jam.

On a clear day, it’s hard to see any cars and even if you do, they’re just on the outskirts of the city.

The first few minutes are quiet and peaceful.

At the end of that first mile, you’ll be greeted by an empty highway and the only vehicles you can see are some of the local children walking along a nearby highway.

But you’ll soon find out the best way to see the country is from the top of the mountain, a sight so rare it has its own website dedicated to it.

A few hours later, it becomes clear you’re on the wrong side of the highway.

There’s no one there.

Instead, there’s a handful of locals gathered around a huge bonfire, the only visible sign of the road being a single signpost that reads, “Optima Road.”

The locals don’t even know that the road has been paved, let alone that the kia has been driving it for the past six months.

They’re just enjoying the silence, the peacefulness, the beauty of the sunset, the cool of the morning and the peaceful glow of the sunrise.

Kia’s new road is the first paved road in Mexico and the first of its kind in the world.

This paved road is just one example of the hundreds of paved roads around the country that have been developed by the country’s Ministry of Transportation, which was founded by the government and has become one of the biggest in the country.

For years, Mexican roads were considered a bit of a ghost town.

While there were some signs of improvement, the country remained in a state of chronic gridlock and frequent traffic backups.

It was also often difficult to get around, especially with the construction of the Rio Grande, which opened up access to the entire country in the 1980s.

But as Mexico developed and built infrastructure and infrastructure systems, the roadways that were once so inconvenient were slowly built up.

By 2020, Mexico was finally opening up.

In January of 2020, the Mexican government opened a new highway system that was the first in the hemisphere to have paved roads.

This system includes paved roads that are connected to freeways by rail and is meant to be used by a growing number of drivers, particularly those who commute to and from work in Mexico City.

The road network is being upgraded to a level of connectivity it hasn’t seen since the days of the railroad, which has been closed since the 1950s.

The infrastructure in Mexico was built up by the state and private entities, with the state providing infrastructure like highways and other transportation services for the private sector, and the private entities supplying roads, rail, bridges, and other infrastructure for the government.

The country also has a network of highway toll roads, which are used by vehicles to pay their way through various toll booths.

These roads are often not paved.

But because they are part of the government-owned system, there are a lot of drivers who drive through them without a ticket, and they can be dangerous.

It’s not a big surprise that these roads were chosen for the first time in the new road network.

This road network includes paved road networks that are interconnected to freeway systems, and are meant to allow a growing percentage of drivers to use the roads.

The construction of this paved road network was one of several planned for the country to open up access for the millions of people who live in the desert region of Chihuahua, known for its many natural wonders.

Mexico City, which is also known as the capital of Chihuhu, has a population of over 5 million people and is located on the northern tip of the Andes.

This region is the home to some of Mexico’s most iconic attractions.

The Andes, which extend south to the coast of Chile, are home to a variety of stunning mountains and breathtaking desert landscapes, including the Chihuahuas famous volcanoes, the Atacama Desert and the Yucatan Peninsula.

In this area, the region is known as an important tourist destination, especially for tourists who spend their time in remote areas.

And the Andean people have been using the land as a base to build cities and farms.

The area’s high altitude makes the mountains relatively flat, which can make the land difficult for people to work on.

This area is also home to many of the world-famous volcanoes in the region, which makes for a perfect setting for exploring the nearby region of Puebla, which also features spectacular scenery.

While the region of Tulum, located on top of Pizarro Mountain in the Andesian region, is home to volcanoes like the Caldera, the

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