Why Are You Doing This? Optimizing Your Emotional State

Optimization is an aspect of creativity that can improve the way you think about the world.

There’s plenty of research suggesting that creativity improves your ability to solve problems, improve your ability with the social interactions you engage in, and make it easier to build relationships.

But the question is: is it the right thing to do?

That’s what a new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University at Buffalo aims to answer.

The researchers analyzed more than 1,000 people who had been asked to rate their creativity levels on a scale of 1 to 10.

They found that, despite the popularity of “creative thinking” in the entertainment industry, creativity itself wasn’t the best predictor of creativity levels.

The study found that creativity levels were associated with levels of arousal and a tendency to engage in “active cognition,” which is what researchers refer to as “thinking outside the box.”

So, what’s the deal?

There are a couple of things to consider.

First, it’s not clear if the creativity itself is an important factor in determining whether people are creative.

The authors suggest that it might not even be a good predictor.

For example, if people are simply more motivated to get creative than they are to find happiness, there’s no reason to think that people who are more motivated will also have higher levels of creativity.

Second, the research only included people who self-identified as creative or creative-intellectual.

People with higher levels and greater levels of self-esteem were less likely to report that they were creative.

This is likely because people with higher self-evaluations of themselves may also be less creative.

However, it could also be that the people who report higher levels or higher selfesteem are more inclined to engage more in creative pursuits.

And it’s worth noting that the research did not look at creativity as a trait.

Rather, it looked at whether people who scored high on the creativity scale tended to be creative.

So, even if creative people are more likely to be more creative, there may be other factors that influence their creativity.

It’s possible that, for example, the researchers were just looking at creative people and not creative-thinking people, which may not be the case if it’s just a function of how creative people act and think.

“Our work provides a better understanding of how creativity might be affected by social factors and the environment,” the researchers write.

The bottom line: there’s a lot of research out there that suggests that the ability to improve creativity may not directly correlate with whether someone is creative, but it may contribute to their overall level of creative output.

It could also simply be that creativity is a natural response to a stimulating environment.

This doesn’t mean that the creative process is completely automatic, however.

It may take practice to master the art of creative thought.

For instance, if you’ve ever found yourself wanting to make an unexpected contribution to the world, it might be time to ask yourself: Am I really creative enough?

Are I really motivated?

Is it really important to me to have a creative mind?

Is the world really as awesome as I think it is?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time for you to try some more creative thinking.

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