How to spot a NBA All-Star team

Last season, the NBA All Star Game became an international affair.There was the Eurobasket, where a team from each nation would be invited to compete for the prestigious title, and

How to get more eyeballs in Google search engine optimizers

Google has a great reputation for ranking its search results based on your search history.With that said, the search engine is far from infallible and its algorithms are constantly improving.Google

How to maximize your Optima camelView

It’s not just the NFL.Every other sport has one, too.And while it might not sound like a big deal, it can be important.Here’s how.1.Don’t skip out on protein sources.If you’re

How to optimize your startup’s product roadmap

Optimization is a critical step in any startup, and Google’s recent update to its roadmap provides plenty of examples.However, not all of these updates are worth your time.The biggest takeaway

How to live longer and get more in the most efficient way: Kia optimas

Optimism is a buzzword that gets thrown around all the time these days.But the word doesn’t necessarily mean much to most people, and there’s no evidence it actually helps people

How to fix battery on a smartphone?

The smartphone battery can go into overdrive for long periods of time, so the first step is to find out what’s going on.It’s also important to keep in mind that

Kia’s new optimizer for the NFL says ‘you get what you pay for’

Kia Motors is rolling out a battery optimization software to its popular Optima, the first model to be powered by the company’s proprietary Rotowire software.Optimizer for Rotowires is a software

How to get a free Kia car and how to drive it

When the Kia Optima was first introduced in the US, it had a $1,500 price tag and limited availability.It became a cult favourite with its sporty design and high-performance technology.But

How to optimize your fridge, the new draftkINGS optimizer

If you’re planning to put up a fridge this year and are looking for some help in this regard, then you’re in luck.The latest version of the app optimizes the

Why Are You Doing This? Optimizing Your Emotional State

Optimization is an aspect of creativity that can improve the way you think about the world.There’s plenty of research suggesting that creativity improves your ability to solve problems, improve your

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